Video: Joe Catron on settler impunity and Israeli state crimes against Palestinians


Joe Catron, Samidoun New York organizer and writer, was interviewed on Press TV on Tuesday, 24 May about settler impunity and the role of Israeli criminal courts

Catron denounced the “overwhelming impunity for Zionist crimes against Palestinians…Meanwhile, Israeli military courts in the West Bank have an overwhelming conviction rate of 99.74 percent…additionally 700 Palestinians are held without charge or trial at all.”

He placed the impunity of Zionist settlers in the context of state massacres committed by the Israeli military, highlighting the attack on Gaza in 2014 and the Nakba and massacres and dispossession of the Palestinian people in 1947-1948. Catron highlighted Zionist settler crimes as “reflections, in many case, minor ones, of the overall orientation of the colonial settler state-building project of which they are a part.”

He highlighted the international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, particularly the campaign to boycott G4S – and G4S’ own commitment to get out of Palestine after growing contract losses due to international outrage at its role in providing equipment and security systems to Israeli prisons.

Watch the full video: