“Free Bilal Kayed!” calls Torino protest against criminalization and repression of movements


InvictaPalestina participated in a demonstration on Thursday, 23 June, in Bussoleno, Torino, Italy, raising the call to free Bilal Kayed and all Palestinian prisoners.

Under the slogan, “Freedom for all, from Val di Susa (Susa Valley) to Palestine,” InvictaPalestina carried posters, flyers and banners for Bilal Kayed and all Palestinian prisoners as part of a demonstration in support of the “NO TAV” movement. The NO TAV movement is a campaign in Italy’s Susa Valley against a proposed high-speed rail line that threatens environmental damage, and which is alleged to be linked to corruption and corporate profiteering; the movement has faced criminalization, “terrorist” labeling and prosecution, and police repression.


InvictaPalestina also produced a new large Italian translation of the “Free Bilal Kayed” poster, which is available for download with other resources for the international days of action.

Bilal Kayed, a Palestinian struggler, was scheduled for release after 14 1/2 years in Israeli prison on 13 June. As his family waited for him at an Israeli military checkpoint, Kayed was instead ordered to six months’ administrative detention without charge or trial. He has launched a hunger strike with the collective support of hundreds of his imprisoned comrades of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Palestinian prisoners across political lines. His case is seen as a threat to all Palestinian prisoners that they could be indefinitely detained under administrative detention even after the expiration of a lengthy sentence.


Over 150 international and Palestinian organizations have called for days of action to release Bilal Kayed, end administrative detention, and support the struggle of Palestinian prisoners – and the Palestinian people – for justice and freedom.