Palestinian Jerusalemite teens arrested, imprisoned; travel bans imposed on activists


The Jerusalem Magistrates’ court issued on Tuesday, 12 July, a series of judgments against Palestinian Jerusalemites, including a number of children and teens.

Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Awais, 14, was sentenced to 10 months impriosnment; Adam Khaled Ibrahim Abu Shamala, 16, was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment; and Ahmad Abdul Salam Abu Rumi, 17, was sentenced to 18 months. All are Palestinian Jerusalemites from Issawiya, accused of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at occupation forces. They have been imprisoned since 10 February 2016. Ali Hassan Muheisen, 19, also from Issawiya, was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for throwing stones at occupation soldiers; he has been imprisoned since 3 March, while Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Awais, 18, was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment, and Younis Alyan, 18, to 6 months imprisonment.

Just this morning, seven more young men were arrested from Issawiya in late-night raids, usually under the pretext of catching “stone throwers.” Those arrested early on the morning of 13 July were Adam Mahmoud, 16; Majid Obeid, 17; Qusay Dari, 16; Atta Awadallah, 18; Munib Kayed Mahmoud, 22; Mohammed Jamal Mahmoud, 22, and Anwar Sami Obeid, 18.

Fadi Ragheb Al-Ja’bat from Jerusalem’s Old City was accused of “incitement” for posting on Facebook and was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment; he has been imprisoned since 23 March 2016.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Jerusalemite activst Naser al-Hedmi, chair of the Committee Against Judaization resisting Palestinians being pushed out of their homes and lands by settler projects and the Israeli state, was issued a six-month travel ban, forbidding him from leaving the country.

Mesbah Abu Sabih, 40, was also issued a ban – signed by Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Dari, banning him from traveling for five months and prohibiting from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque for four months. He recently spent a year in the Negev desert prison on charges of “incitement” for posting on Facebook. Fellow activist Khadija Khuis was also issued a travel ban, forbidding her from leaving the country.