Mohammed al-Balboul rushed to intensive care on 56th day of hunger strike; Malik al-Qadi’s health deteriorating

3strikersHunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Mohammed al-Balboul was transferred to the intensive care unit at Wolfson hospital on Thursday evening, 1 September after a serious deterioration in his health, reported Palestinian lawyer Tariq Barghout.

Balboul, 26, a dentist, has been on hunger strike since 7 July; he was imprisoned since 9 June and held without charge or trial under administrative detention. He entered a hunger strike along with his brother, Mahmoud, 21, arrested alongside him in a violent pre-dawn raid by Israeli occupation forces who invaded their family home. Mahmoud, who launched his own hunger strike on 4 July, works with the Palestinian police and is a masters’ degree student. Both brothers are held without charge or trial under administrative detention. Their sister, Nuran, 15, was also imprisoned for three months at the time and their father, Ahmad, a Fateh leader, was assassinated by Israeli occupation forces in 2008.

Barghout said that Mohammed’s liver and kidneys are exposed to serious danger as he refuses to consume any vitamins or supplements. He has been on hunger strike for 56 days since the strike began; Mahmoud has been on strike for 60 days and is held at Assaf Harofeh hospital. Lawyers warned that he is in danger of paralysis or other serious health consequences with the continuation of his hunger strike.

Malik al-Qadi, 20, a journalism student at Al-Quds University, has been on hunger strike for 47 days and is also held at Wolfson hospital. Al-Muhja Jerusalem reported that al-Qadi’s condition has become critical as it has deteriorated further. He is suffering from severe pain in the chest and abdomen and has been warned by doctors that he is risking organ damage due to his continued hunger strike. His lawyer was notified on Friday, 2 September of his deteriorating health. He is refusing any supplements, vitamins or medical examination and confirmed that he is committed to his hunger strike until “freedom or death.”

The three strikers are among 750 Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial under administrative detention; they are demanding their immediate release. They launched their strikes during the 71-day hunger strike of Bilal Kayed; Kayed has urged broad participation in the movement to support their ongoing struggle.