New Video: Samidoun’s Mohammed Khatib on Black-Palestinian Solidarity and Liberation Struggles

Black4Palestine published an interview with Mohammed Khatib, a Palestinian refugee and the coordinator of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network in Europe, as part of its ongoing video series highlighting Palestinian and Black solidarity and joint struggle.

Khatib reflects on learning about the Black struggle at the same time as he learned about the Palestinian struggle, the escalation in violence against Black and Palestinian lives in the last decade, and the need to go beyond solidarity for a unified struggle against our common oppressors around the world.

“We have to focus on a few things that we can be successful if we do in the US for Palestine and in Palestine for the Black struggle, and against racism in the Arab world and in our societies. This relationship is needed. It’s for our people and for our struggle,” he concludes.

The video is released alongside the development of a new statement, Arabs4BlackPower, highlighting Palestinian and Arab support for the Black liberation movement and the Movement for Black Lives, including the Movement’s newly-released Platform.

The video was filmed by Kristian Davis Bailey of Black4Palestine in Brussels, Belgium in July 2016.  Further videos as part of the series are available at the Black4Palestine facebook page.

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