12 December, Paris: Freedom for Georges Abdallah and all Revolutionary Political Prisoners

Monday, 12 December
6:00 pm
Metro Strasbourg Saint-Denis
Paris, France
More info: https://paris.demosphere.eu/rv/51738

imagegia12 December is the International Day of Action for Political Prisoners. The Unified Campaign for the Freedom of Georges Abdallah is calling for a demonstration in Paris on this occasion to urgently demand the immediate release of our imprisoned comrade, Georges Abdallah. An Arab communist struggler for Palestinian liberation, he has been held in French prisons for 32 years and has been eligible for release since 1999.

The struggle for his liberation is part of the wider international struggle for revolutionary prisoners around the world, representing the internationalit spirit that has always guided our comrade as a resisting Lebanese Communist anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-Zionist struggler. He has always fought and continues every day to struggle for the just cause of the peoples in struggle in Palestine, Lebanon, throughout the region and around the world.

In his latest message on 22 October 2016, he concluded his article with the following sentences:

Let a thousand solidarity initiatives bloom in support of the masses in struggle! Let a thousand solidarity initiatives bloom in support of the revolutionaries resisting in the Zionist prisons and in the isolation cells in Morocco, Turkey, Greece, the Philippines, and around the world!