14 December, Liege: A qui le tour? Discussion of Administrative Detention

Wednesday, 14 December
8:00 pm
Centre Culturel Arabe en Pays de Liege
Rue Henri Orban 1
Liege, Belgium
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/563235263869835/

quiletourThis event is part of the campaign “A qui le tour?” (Who’s Next?) organized by Presence et Action Culturelles (PAC) and the Association Belgo-Palestinienne (ABP).

8:00 pm. Projection of documentary film, “Palestine: la case prison” by Franck Salome

9:00 pm. Discussion with Gwenaelle Grovonius, federal member of parliament and President of the Belgium-Palestine Interparliamentary Union.

“A qui le tour?” denounces the abusive and unjust use of administrative detention in occupied Palestine. This Israeli policy is designed to suppress the resistance of the Palestinian people to the occupation and unravel the Palestinian family and social fabric. International organizations affirm that Israel uses administrative detention as a means of collective punishment, in violation of international law. We call upon the Belgian state to strongly act on the international diplomatic front to condemn the arbitrary use of administrative detention, and we call on the state to demand the Israeli authorities cease the use of administrative detention and free the Palestinians held under administrative detention. We draw specific attention to the cases of children and those arrested in the exercise of projects funded by the Belgian Development Corporation.