Nadia Abu Jamal, 13 more Palestinians arrested in pre-dawn raids by Israeli occupation forces

Nadia Abu Jamal, with Walid and Mohammed

Nadia Abu Jamal, the widow of Ghassan Abu Jamal, was seized early Tuesday morning by Israeli occupation forces from her home in Jabal Mukabber in Jerusalem. Abu Jamal, 32, was arrested in front of her three children, Walid, 8, Salma, 6, and Mohammed, 5.

Abu Jamal’s husband, Ghassan, was killed by Israeli occupation forces after carrying out a Palestinian military resistance operation with his cousin Uday in November 2014, killing five Israelis. Both Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal were killed by Israeli forces. Their family home was demolished and relatives, including Nadia, stripped of their Jerusalem identity cards, part of the policy of collective punishment carried out against the families and extended families of Palestinians involved in resistance attacks that includes the demolition of family homes, stripping of IDs and arrests of family members. She will be brought before a court hearing on Wednesday, 18 January. Her father-in-law was also summoned to an area police station and informed of her arrest.  Nadia Abu Jamal is reportedly now being held in Ofer prison.

Muhyi Falah Abu Maria

At least 13 more Palestinians were arrested throughout the West Bank in addition to Abu Jamal, including Muhyi Falah Abu Maria, the son of Falah Abu Maria, 53, who was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in 2015 as they invaded his home allegedly seeking to arrest one of his sons, Muhyi’s older brother. The list of those arrested in pre-dawn raids is below:

Ehab Nofal

1. Ahmad Damanhouri Kamil, from Qabatiya in Jenin
2. Jaser Tayseer Kamil, from Qabatiya in Jenin
3. Mohammed Malik Kamil, from Qabatiya in Jenin
4. Mohammed Khaled Kamil, from Qabatiya in Jenin
5. Mahmoud Walweil, from al-Feraa refugee camp in Tubas
6. Muhyi Falah Abu Maria, from Beit Ummar in al-Khalil
7. Dakhlallah Habis Amour, from Tekoa in Bethlehem
8. Ahmad Adnan al-Qutaish, from Jalazon refugee camp in Ramallah
9. Moatassim Farid al-Zinati, from Jalazon refugee camp in Ramallah
10. Anas al-Rojbi, from Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem
11. Ehab Nofal, from Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem
12. Mohammed al-Fasfous, from Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem
13. Ayman al-Adawi, from Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

Khadija Khuys

In addition, Jerusalemite activist Khadija Khuys was given a two-month travel ban on Monday, 16 January. She was summoned to interrogation at the Moskobiyeh interrogation center in Jerusalem and presented with the travel ban under the pretext of “security reasons.” Khuys is heavily active with the Murabitat, the group of women activists who seek to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque from settler attacks. She has been banned from travel for 13 months under similar “security” orders with no additional reason, as well as barred from entering the West Bank for 6 months and banned from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound due to her inclusion on a “blacklist” created by the Israeli occupation police chief. She and her children are also denied access to national insurance due to her activities in defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque.