Palestinian women prisoners in HaSharon prison suffer medical neglect, separation from family

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Commission reported on the situation of the 43 Palestinian women prisoners held in Section 11 of HaSharon prison, dealing with difficult conditions of life within the prisons. A number of the prisoners are recovering from injuries and were often moved to the prison before their recoveries were complete; they continue to suffer from medical neglect. These women prisoners include: Israa Jaabis, Abla al-Aedam, Amal Taqatqa, Natalie Shokha, Jamila Jaber, Lama Bakri, Marah Bakir, Nurhan Awad, and Shorouq Dwayyat.

The Commission also highlighted the situation of the prisoners who are mothers, including Abla al-Aedam, Aliya Abbassi, Israa Jaabis, Yasmin Shaaban, Sabrin Zubeidat and Fatmeh Alayan.

There are 12 minor girls under 18 held in HaSharon prison at the present time: Lama Bakri, Jamila Jaber, Tasneem Halabi, Istabraq Nour, Malak Salman, Iman Ali, Heba Areinat, Amal Kabha, Manar Shweiki, Natalie Shokha, Amal al-Asli and Marah Bakir.

Malak Salman

A hearing is scheduled to take place today in the case of Malak Salman, 17, from Beit Safafa in Jerusalem. This will be her 22nd court hearing since she was arrested on 9 February 2016 by occupation forces, who claim that she attempted to stab a settler in Jerusalem.

Shatila Abu Ayyad

Shatila Abu Ayyad, 24, is also scheduled to face a hearing today and is threatened with 16 years of imprisoment in Israeli prisons. She is accused of attempting to stab Israelis to support Palestinian resistance and has been imprisoned since 3 April 2016.