Former long-term hunger striker Muhammad Allan among 11 Palestinians seized by Israeli occupation forces

Former Palestinian prisoner and long-term hunger striker, lawyer Muhammad Allan, was seized once more by Israeli occupation forces in a series of pre-dawn raids throughout occupied Palestine.

Allan was seized from his home in the village of Einabus, Nablus and taken to an unknown destination. He was previously released in 2015 after a 66-day hunger strike against his imprisonment without charge or trial under administrative detention that drew worldwide support and solidarity.

He was among at least 11 Palestinians seized overnight by occupation forces, reported Ma’an News.

In Madama, Ahmad Nizar Ziyadah and Aseed Abdel-Nasser Qit were seized by occupation forces. Qit is a university student currently completing his final exams prior to graduation. In Anabta near Jenin, Omar Sari Ibrahim, 18, a student at an-Najah University, was seized by occupation forces, while Ahmad Abdel-Hadi Qishta was seized in Qalqilya.

In the Bethlehem village of Tuqu, occupation forces seized Muhannad Hajahjah, while they seized Iyad Abu al-Awra in al-Khader village. At least three Palestinian children were seized in Jerusalem and accused of “throwing stones” toward Israeli occupation police, and at least one Palestinian was seized in al-Khalil.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the arrest of Muhammad Allan and the continued targeting of former Palestinian prisoners. We demand the immediate release of all Palestinians seized by Israeli occupation forces.