15 July, Paris: No to the Criminal Netanyahu in France!

Saturday, 15 July
3:00 pm
Place de la Republique
Paris, France
For more information: http://europalestine.com/spip.php?article13166

We stand against the visit to France of Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the Israeli colonial government. He is unworthy of the invitation made to him by Emmanuel Macron to commemorate the Vel d’Hiv Roundup.

It is an indecent affront to the victims of the Vel d’Hiv roundup, 13,000 Jews, half of them children, seized in Paris and its suburbs on 16 and 17 July 1942 by 7,000 French police, to be delivered to the Nazis and deported to the camps, of which fewer than 100 returned, to be represented by the racist head of a terrorist state that has persecuted an entire people for decades.

It is scandalous to entrust this commemoration to those who have specialized in the confinement of the Palestinian people, the massacre of civilian populations, the torture of children and the hermetic sealing-off of the Gaza ghetto.

All the more so since the 1942 raid mainly targeted foreign Jews, refugees in France. We know how the Israeli government treats migrants and refugees, whether African asylum seekers called a “cancer” by the minister of “culture,” or Palestinian refugees in camps denied freedom of movement or expelled and illegally barred from their own homeland.

Netanyahu, who practices racial division and apartheid on an ethnic and religious basis, has no welcome in a country that claims to be a defneder of human rights and international law.

We cannot say “Never again” and roll out the red carpet to those responsible for ethnic cleansing.

That is why we call for the widest possible protest on Saturday, 15 July, on the eve of his reception by the President of the Republic. Meet at 15h, Place de la Republique, in Paris on 15 July.

Endorsers include: EuroPalestine, Droits Devant, Enfants de Palestine, Christine Delphy, Jacques-Marie Bourget, Mgr Jacques Gaillot, Collectif pour la Libération de Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Nanterre Palestine, PIR, Marie-Jeanne Manuellan, Odile Tobner, Fethi Chouder, Les Désobéissants, Comité Israël Chateaubriant, Samidoun, Collectif 69 de Soutien au Peuple Palestinien, Alain Brossat, Paul Aries, Attac Paris Centre, Martine Sevegrand, Collectif Ni Guerre Ni Etat de Guerre, Union Française des Consommateurs Musulmans (UFCM), Mohamed Ben Yakhlef, Les Amis d’Al-Rowwad, Elisabeth Bourgain-Masse, Michel Bourgain, Mohamed Gnabaly (maire de l’Ile Saint-Denis), Alima Boumediene, Gilles Monsillon, Association Femmes Plurielles, ISM France, Comité Montreuil Palestine, Sylvette AMESTOY, le collectif Urgence Palestine Cergy, Dominique Lesparre, Maire de Bezons, Christian Leduey, président de l’association Bezons-West Bani Zaïd, Collectif Palestine Nord Essonne, Joanna Díaz-Feyder, FUIQP 42…