Actions in Italy protest NATO and imperialism, highlight common struggles of Palestine and Cuba

Photo: Fronte Palestina

Organizing in Italy is continuing in support of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian prisoners, including boycott campaigns and demonstrations.

As a part of these efforts, on 14 and 15 October 2017, Fronte Palestina Milano participated in the public meeting in Rovato (Brescia) organized by FORUM CONTRO LA GUERRA (Forum Against War), where some representatives of Fronte Palestina spoke about Israeli security control systems, which are exported world-wide as a model, as well as the Israeli military industry and its use and exportation of weapons.

As a result of this, on Saturday last 20 January 2018, Fronte Palestina Milano participated in a demonstration, also organized by FORUM CONTRO LA GUERRA, in Ghedi (Brescia).

Photo: Fronte Palestina

Together with about one thousand other protesters, the demonstrators marched in procession not only to say NO to the presence of atomic weapons at the NATO air base in Ghedi, but also to the presence of NATO on Italian soil.

In addition, they protested outside the RWM, a “factory of death”, which manufactures and sells bombs to Saudi Arabia which are in turn used against civilians in Yemen.

Photo: Fronte Palestina

Fronte Palestina, as an anti-imperialist organization, were there to express the outrage at NATO presence in Italy, and to call for an end to Italian war missions and Italian military spending.

This action followed another event organized by Fronte Palestina Milano in collaboration with Italy-Cuba Friendship Association and Coordinamento Lombardo Palestina on 18 January 2018, a Citizens’ Assembly the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association premises in Milan. The event highlighted Cuba and Palestine, two countries attacked by US/Israeli imperialism.

Photo: Fronte Palestina

Although both struggles are different, they do have common ground: that of the Cubans against imperialist interference and that of the Palestinians for their self-determination and their rights. The Cubans are free thanks to the Revolution and the Palestinians are oppressed and dispossessed, but both face a common enemy.

The organizers emphasized the importance of continuing to fight against US/Israel policy, which imposes an embargo on Cuba and a blockade on Gaza. This, together with the continued expansion of Israeli colonies throughout historic Palestine, violates the fundamental principle that prohibits the acquisition of territory by force.

Photo: Fronte Palestina

The event also expressed its support for the resistance of the people against imperialist aggression through international solidarity.

With this analysis in mind, the organizers invited all anti-imperialist forces, committees, collectives, union forces and individual activists and supporters to assemble in order to organize a protest outside the US Consulate of Milan.