Video: Irish republican ex-POW Pádraic MacCoitir stands with Ahed Tamimi

Pádraic MacCoitir, former Irish Republican prisoner of British colonialism, issued the following video and statement in solidarity with Ahed Tamimi and fellow Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The video comes as Irish activists in Dublin are organizing a protest for Ahed Tamimi on 13 January at 2:30 pm outside the General Post Office.


MacCoitir’s statement:

I remember well the early days of 1969 and like many others I never imagined the struggle to last as long as it is- without success so far.

Boys and girls were killed and indeed the first person I saw being shot dead was Desy Healy who was killed by a British soldier while throwing a sauce bottle during a riot on the day the Brits brought in Internment in August 71.

During that particular period of Internment some schoolboys, the youngest being 15, were interned.

Also in Leana an Duin Julie Livingstone was shot dead when a cowardly Britush soldier fired a plastic bullet at her. This was in May 81 during the hunger strike and during a period when many other children were killed and injured when hit with that lethal weapon.

We are seeing this on a daily basis in Palestine and the most famous of those imprisoned is Ahed Tamimi who’s just 15. Ahed has seen a lot in her short life with relatives being killed, wounded and imprisoned. The zionist regime totally ignore the criticism being levelled at them so it’s important we add our voices to the injustice being levelled against the Palestinian people.


Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes MacCoitir and all of the Irish strugglers who have continued to stand side by side with the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation over many years of collective resistance to colonialism. Freedom for the people of Ireland and Palestine!