27 February, Leuven: Political Prisoners in Palestine with Omar Barghouti

Tuesday, 27 February
PSI 02.51
KU Leuven
Tiensestraat 102
Leuven, Belgium
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/149054785811450/

Ahed Tamini is 17 years old. The day after Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, her fifteen year old cousin was shot in the head with a rubber bullet. That very same day Israëli soldiers came to stand in her driveway. Ahed gave one of the soldiers a slap in the face, four days later she was arrested during the night. She risks being charged with a long prison sentence.

The story of Ahed is symbolic for the daily realities that Palestinian youth are forced to endure. There are 6200 political prisoners in Israëli prisons, including Palestinian members of parliament and 300 children.

Tuesday the 27th of February, Comac Leuven and Intal will invite Omar Barghouti (co-founder BDS) and Hanne Bosselaers (PVDA/PTB) to talk about the situation of political prisoners in Palestine. We will begin at 8pm in PSI 02.51 (Tiensestraat 102). Afterwards there will be a reception.