14 April, Austin: Gaza Great Return March and Candlelight Vigil

Saturday, 14 April
6:00 pm
South Entrance of the Capitol Building
112 E. 11th St
Austin, TX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2087990034817426/

International call to action in support of The Great Return March!

We are calling our community and allies to take action and launch demonstrations in support of the Great Return March on April 14th, just as the righteous resisters in Gaza have declared. The time has come for our youth wherever they may be to raise their voices in support of the rightful struggle of our people in Gaza, and for our youth in diaspora to proclaim we will never surrender the right of return. Now more than ever when we seem the most divided, we must come together in collectively asserting our right to return and our dream of the total liberation of our people and homeland. There will be no solution without the total end of the Zionist colonization of Palestine–return is our right, and demand: we will return! Palestine will be free!

We will meet at 6:00 PM at 112 E 11th Street, south entrance of the capitol building Austin, Texas for Candlelight vigil. Please bring candles and lighters to share. Flags, signs and statements will be appreciated as well.