14 May, Milan: Emergency Protest against Gaza Massacre

We call on all comrades, activists, collectives, association and all who care about the fate of oppressed peoples to demonstrate today at 6:00 pm in Duomo Square Milan.

These are dramatic hours when it is impossible to remain home.

The Palestinian people are currently heroically facing one of the world’s most brutal and well-equipped armies, alongside the imminent move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Trump’s decision violates numerous UN resolutions and sheds light on the criminal and imperialist policies in the region. Only this morning, the Israeli army killed 50 Palestinians and wounded more than two thousand.

All in the square today at 18:00, with Palestine in the heart!
Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine!

In additional we, as Fronte Palestina Milan
would protest against this event planned for today in Palazzo Reale  (next to our garrison foe Gaza)
Shimon perez daughter will be there in order to receive appreciation and support of Italt  for the celebration of 70th anniversary of Israele.