27 May, Toronto: What are you walking with? Protest the Walk with Israel

Sunday, 27 May
11:00 am
Toronto, ON – follow Facebook or email for precise location
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1661871073888874/

Since 1970, supporters of the Israeli state have gathered for an annual Walk With Israel, hosted by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA). For the past 17 years, a group of dedicated people — both Jewish and non-Jewish — have stood steadfast in opposing this uncritical support of a violent colonial state.

On Sunday, May 27, join us as we stand together behind banners proclaiming “Justice for Palestine,” “Occupation is not our Judaism” and “From Turtle Island to Palestine—Colonization is a Crime”!

Stay tuned – we will announce the exact location closer to the date! There will be snacks at the rally, and some singing for when spirits are low. Please see the disclaimer below for a heads-up about past experiences.

Israel attempts to justify its violent policies of annexation, incarceration, and discrimination by claiming they are for the good of all Jewish people. We know that this is not true; state violence does not keep anyone safe.

In response, we will again gather to form a counter-presence to the UJA’s Walk With Israel to state that we oppose the apartheid system that denies the basic human rights of Palestinians.

The Canadian government’s support for racist policies in the state of Israel is consistent with ongoing violence and genocide against the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America). We look to the leadership of Indigenous peoples around the world resisting settler-colonialism and state violence.

We recognize that “a land without a people for a people without a land” is, and has always been, a dangerous myth. The Jewish National Fund, and Israel’s other fundraising and lobbying groups, claims to “make the desert bloom,” but in actuality, they work to unlawfully expropriate Palestinian land. We see through these fictions, and we speak truth to power.

We gather together for this demonstration in solidarity with the people of Palestine — such as those participating in the Great March of Return in Gaza. Walking with Israel is walking with a state that opens fire on unarmed protesters and journalists.

Endorsed by:

Independent Jewish Voices
Actions4Palestine (A4P)
Jewish Liberation Theology Institute
United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO)
Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York U
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Ontario (CPT)
Women in Solidarity with Palestine
The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Canada (IJAN)
UofT Graduate Students Union BDS Committee
Canada Boat to Gaza
Socialist Action


*** Disclaimer: This peaceful counter-presence to the Walk With Israel tends to evoke confrontational behaviour from people in the Walk who find our messages threatening.

Previous years’ participants have experienced racist and sexist language, Islamophobic and anti-Arab comments, as well as aggressive behaviour from Walk participants. Additionally, the militant, white supremacist group known as the Jewish Defense League (JDL) is in the habit of physically bullying protesters. We share this information so that you can make informed choices about your participation. We seek to create a safer space in which to protest, and will have marshals present to assist.

In preparation for these challenges we will be holding a de-escalation training on May 19th. Please contact WhatAreYouWalkingWith@gmail.com for more information.