20 October, Lannemezan: Protest for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah (+ buses)

Saturday, 20 October
2:00 pm
Gare de Lannemezan
270 Avenue de la Gare
Lannemezan, France
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/656186514764030/

Annual demonstration of the unified campaign for the liberation of Georges Abdallah to the gates of the prison of Lannemezan. Gather at the Lannemezan station at 2:00 pm. Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese communist struggler and a fighter for the Palestinian cause imprisoned in France since 1984 and released since 1999. He will begin his 35th year of detention in October, making him one of the longest-held political prisoners in the world.

More info:

Collective travel, via bus:
Toulouse: Bus by donation, free price. Registration: couppourcoup31@gmail.com
Gather at 11:30 am on 20 October at the Basso Cambo metro station.

Paris: Bus information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2127880644153411/
Information: campagne.unitaire.gabdallah@gmail.com

Bordeaux: Gather at 9:15 am on 20 October at Place Ravezies. Registration: liberte.pour.georges@gmail.com

Marseille: Collective transit being organized. More info: https://www.lepotcommun.fr/pot/99sds8ij