7-8 September, Gallup: Native Liberation Conference 2019

7 September at 10 am to 8 September at 5 pm
El Morro Theatre and Events Center
207 W Coal Ave
Gallup, NM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1820208641413166/

Native Liberation Conference 2019
Anti Imperialism and Solidarity with the Global South
El Morro Theater and Events Center, Downtown Gallup, New Mexico
September 7-8, 2019

(505) 750-7192
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Twitter: @The_Red_Nation
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Fascism is on the rise throughout the world. So our response to it must be global. As Indigenous peoples, we don’t have to look far. The Indian War is now the never-ending, global “war on terror.” From Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, and new threats of war against Iran and Venezuela, the United States is the biggest threat to world peace.

Within our own homelands, walls and jails imprison and keep out the poor, the humble, separating us from our relatives. Uranium mines, fracking wells, and oil pipelines contaminate our lands, rivers, and bodies. Violent men in and out of uniform disappear our relatives — young and old — by the thousands, in ditches, highways, detention centers, and prisons. In cities and in reservation communities, we face a housing crisis and lack of medical care. Native people know what it means to live in utter poverty in a land plenty.

While the earth burns, the rich get richer. The end of the world is easier to imagine than the end of capitalism. We cannot succumb to this cynicism of defeat. So we must dream a new world into existence.

From Palestine to Turtle Island, from Africa, Asia, to the Americas, we fight for a world premised on justice and freedom for the good people of the earth. We demand a world where wealth and resources are redistributed according to need, where everyone belongs. We demand land and a dignified life for all our relatives.

To build this world, we turn to all nations and communities in struggle against the global elite destroying our planet. In the spirit of Indigenous generosity and radical relationality, we invite all oppressed people and progressive movements to join our cause.

We invite all relatives and comrades to the fourth annual 2019 Native Liberation Conference in Gallup, New Mexico on September 7-8. This year’s conference focuses on internationalism, anti-imperialism, environmental justice, and building an Indigenous-led anti-colonial left in North America.

This event is free and open to the public and for all ages. No registration is required. Many of our guest speakers are traveling from afar and need travel accommodations. Please donate at therednation.org/support and donations will also be collected at the conference, if you can. Every dollar counts!