Video from Madrid: All out on 1 July to confront annexation and stand for Palestine!

Palestinian activists and organizers in Madrid, from Alkarama Palestinian Women’s Movement and the Jafra Group dabkeh team, pledge to come out on 1 July to resist Israeli annexation and colonization and defend Palestinian rights from the river to the sea.

Watch the video:

Full text of the video:

“In response to Samidoun’s call, we are all going out on 1 July against annexation, colonization, settlements; to demand the rights of the Palestinian people, all of our rights! Our voice will be heard for the political prisoners in Israeli prisoners, for the mothers of the martyrs, for the whole world – to demand our rights to all of our land, our right to return. Palestine, from the river to the sea and from Naqoura in the north to the Naqab in the south 1 July, we come out with Samidoun!

We’re all coming out with Samidoun 1 July! “

We urge you to join them on the streets and in this important campaign on 1 July. Many Palestinians in exile and supporters of Palestine are, like Samidoun’s members, engaged in the uprisings and mass mobilizations taking to the streets to confront anti-Black racism and demand the defunding and dismantling of police and other structures of oppression. Confronting Israel’s annexation plans – fully backed by U.S. imperialism and inspired by Zionist racism – also comes as part of the global fightback against racism, colonialism and imperialism. Israel’s crimes are backed by $3.8 billion in military aid from the U.S. each year as well as unlimited diplomatic, political and “security” support from Canada, the European Union, Britain, Australia and other imperialist powers.

Join us on 1 July to stand with the Palestinian people against Israeli annexation and for justice, return and liberation in Palestine. If you are organizing an event, a contingent or an action of any kind, please let us know – email us at or message us on Facebook to ensure we publicize it!

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