Toulouse action to #BoycottHP for its complicity in Israeli apartheid

Translated from the original French at Collectif Palestine Vaincra:

On Sunday, 14 February, an awareness campaign was organized at the HP Store in Toulouse, France, on the Boulevard des Récollets. Red paint was sprayed on the store and several posters were put up denouncing Hewlett Packard’s collaboration with Israeli apartheid. The US-based multinational company has provided services and technologies to the Israeli occupation army and police, while participating in the maintenance of Israel’s central identification system and the Israeli police database, used to apply and implement systems of segregation, repression, apartheid, surveillance and siege.

In addition, HP is present in the illegal settlement of Beitar Illit in the occupied West Bank. This action comes as part of the large international campaign, calling to #BoycottHP to denounce its collaboration with Israeli crimes. Let’s build the campaign!