Samidoun welcomes new affiliates: ACTA and Anti-Imperialist Alliance

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is honored to welcome its two newest affiliate organizations, ACTA and Anti-Imperialist Alliance Ottawa. Samidoun is an independent international, Arab and Palestinian network of organizers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom and the Palestinian struggle for liberation, and welcomes chapters and organizational affiliates as part of the network.

ACTA, based in Paris, France, is an autonomous and partisan media that produces videos, interviews and intervention articles – from inside the struggles.

To learn more about ACTA’s work or get involved, visit the ACTA website at or visit ACTA on social media on Facebook (@actazone), Twitter (@actazone,), and Instagram (

Anti-Imperialist Alliance is a group of people opposed to Canadian and US imperialism, both within Turtle Island and abroad. We aim to raise consciousness and take action against the destructive policies of Canadian and US governments and businesses, which seek to subordinate the people of the world and profit off of their oppression.

Our goal is a world in which all nations and peoples have the freedom to develop as equals. As people everywhere, from Wet’suwet’en Territory to the Philippines to Bolivia, are rising against imperialism, the urgent task for those of us in Canada is to stand alongside them. Follow the Anti-Imperialist Alliance on Facebook (@antiimperialists) and Instagram (@anti.imperialist.alliance).

Samidoun members around the world are excited to work with Anti-Imperialist Alliance and ACTA and look forward to building the struggle together for Palestinian liberation from the river to the sea.

Palestinian prisoners are on the front lines of the Palestinian struggle for liberation on a daily basis, representing the true leadership of the Palestinian people and their resistance. In the jails of occupation, Palestinian prisoners confront the oppressor and the occupier, and put their bodies and lives on the line to continue their people’s struggle to achieve justice and freedom for the land and people of Palestine.

Samidoun organizes for the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners and prisoners of the Palestinian cause from Israeli jails, Palestinian Authority jails and reactionary and imperialist prisons. If you or your organization are interested in becoming an affiliate organization, joining one of our chapters or affiliates, or launching your own chapter, please contact us at