26 September, NYC: An urgent call for Nicaragua – Freedom, Autonomy and Solidarity in the face of U.S. Sanctions

Sunday, 26 September
12 pm
Holyrood Church – Iglesia Santa Cruz
715 W 179th St, New York, NY
Event organized by the Alliance for Global Justice and the Nicaragua Network

We are republishing the following call to action: 

At this moment, we are receiving threats from the Nicaraguan extreme right that threatens the activity with the Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Relations H.E. Mr. Denis Moncada that will take place this Sunday, Sept 26 at 12 noon. We have two options: cancel or send as many people as we can to Pastor Luis Barrios’ church to show solidarity with Nicaragua.

We can not allow the censorship of the ultra right! Our only option is to show solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and their struggle for their sovereignty. This is none other than the struggle of the second independence and for the consolidation of the great homeland of the Latin American peoples.

US regime change operations in Latin America have a long, sordid history and continue to do enormous harm in the places where they are active today. Today, Nicaragua is the target of these operations. As elections approach in the country, we see increasing U.S. efforts to interfere and undermine the sovereignty that the Nicaraguan people work for every day.

During this Community and Popular Mass in Solidarity with Nicaragua, officiated by Pastor Luis Barrios, we invite you to hear from the Minister of Foreign Relations about the current situation in Nicaragua in light of the November presidential elections, the Sandinista strategy to protect the country’s sovereignty in the face of sanctions imposed by the US and its allies, and the importance of international solidarity at the current juncture.

Join us to a conversation with H.E. Mr. Denis Moncada, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua on Sunday, September 26, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm Eastern Time. at Holyrood Church Iglesia Santa Cruz, 715 West 179th st New York, NY 10033