Warm welcome for “Fedayin” film in Charleroi, Belgium

The following article is adapted from the French at Plate-Forme Charleroi-Palestine:

Plate-Forme Charleroi-Palestine in Charleroi, Belgium, organized a screening of the film, “Fedayin: The struggle of Georges Abdallah,” as part of the international month of action to free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the Lebanese Communist and resistance struggler for Palestine imprisoned in French jails for nearly 37 years.

The film was screened before a diverse audience of 35 people at the House of Associations in Marchienne-au-Pont on Tuesday, 28 September. Palestinian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish, Kurdish, Italian, Greek and Belgian guests welcomed Matthieu of the Collectif Vacarme(s) Films, the directors of “Fedayin,” who spoke alongside the screening of the film.

The film tells the story of the struggles of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and of the life and involvement of Georges Abdallah. It was greeted with warm appreciation by the guests at the event.

Photo : René Andersen, Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine

Reactions from participants

“I was immediately touched by the introduction of the film. The music, the close-up images of the Great March of Return and the voice commenting on the scene. I later learned that it was the voice of Georges Abdallah himself.”

“I was struck by the clarity of the explanations of the question of Palestine, which is always presented to us as being complicated. It is a very well-documented film.”

“I recognized myself in the film. Wheen I participated in the solidarity trip in 2019, we were in the South, in Ain el-Helweh camp. We had also walked the streets with Robert Abdallah, Georges’ brother.”

“I was glad that the term ‘imperialism’ is once again being used, which has often disappeared in speeches now. We must re-focus on the exact terms of domination.”

“I was touched by the authenticity of the interviews with Georges’ brothers.”

“The film sets things up well. Everything is well explained in time: Palestine, Lebanon, Georges Abdallah.”

“It’s a good way to raise awareness of the cause of Georges Abdallah, little known in Belgium. It would be nice if we could show it to trade unions.”

“I learned things that I did not know: how Georges’ political conscience was formed, as a young Lebanese schoolteacher in poor areas of Lebanon and subsequently living in Palestinian refugee camps himself.”

Photo : Kamal Dolip, Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine

“The film is a tool that can be used in education and preparation for travel to occupied Palestine or the refugee camps in Lebanon.”

“The last frame of the film, showing Georges in his cell, is striking. What dignity! What strength to remain faithful to your commitments!”

“My conclusion: they have not succeeded in breaking Georges Abdallah, they will not succeed in breaking the Palestinian resistance.”

The mobilization continues

Our next meeting in Charleroi will take place on Saturday, 23 October, the day of the demonstration in front of Lannemezan Prison, where Georges Abdallah is jailed. We will gather around a tent from 3 pm to 5:30 pm on Place-Verte in Charleroi, to say: “Palestine will win! Free Georges Abdallah!”

At the stand, you will find flyers, t-shirts, Palestinian flags and copies of the excellent book, “The Georges Ibrahim Abdallah Affair,” by Said Bouamama. There will be a photo booth to show your solidarity.

If you want to visit the event in Lannemezan, contact the Collectif Palestine Vaincra  for the departure by bus from Toulouse,  or  ISM France  for a departure from  Bordeaux.

Photo : Kamal Dolip, Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges people and organizations around the world to organize screenings of “Fedayin” in the coming month and beyond. This film has an important role to play in highlighting Georges Abdallah’s case to international audiences and helping to break down the walls of injustice that continue to keep him imprisoned in France, away from his homeland Lebanon.

The film is available with appropriate subtitles in French, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Catalan and Castilian Spanish.

Check out the list of screenings below and organize your own. If you want to show Fedayin in your area, email us at samidoun@samidoun.net or contact the directors at vacarmesfilms@gmail.com. We will help you to get your screening organized, and the directors are available to attend your events in person or to join your in-person events via video link.