Samidoun mourns the passing of comrade Samah Idriss, Lebanese Arab revolutionary intellectual

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network mourns the passing of comrade Samah Idriss this evening, 25 November, in Beirut. Samah Idriss was committed throughout his life, until his last moments, to the liberation of Palestine, the Arab people and the people of the world. He was a writer, publisher, editor, thinker, editor-in-chief of Al-Adab magazine and co-founder of the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of “Israel” in Lebanon.

He was committed to see the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Lebanese struggler imprisoned in France for over 37 years, from colonial prisons, and the liberation of all Palestinian, Arab and international political prisoners. He constantly amplified the voices of Palestinian political prisoners in the pages of Al-Adab, and his work is known among the prisoners themselves. Both Georges Abdallah and Ahmad Sa’adat sent letters greeting him as he passed through weeks of difficult health struggle in recent days.

He was one of the initiators of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement and his speech at the Beirut conference was recently published by Al-Akhbar.  His last speech contained his hope for the revolutionary future of Palestinian and Arab liberation.

Whenever a Samidoun delegation, or one of our affiliate organizations, for example the delegation of Collectif Palestine Vaincra, came to Lebanon, Samah was a constant source of support, inspiration and continuing struggle – and deep education about the historical roots and the future of Palestinian and Arab liberation. He never hesitated to help and get involved in any just struggle or cause.

His commitment to the Arabic language, not only in its formal aspects, but as a part of a living political struggle for liberation, lives on in the pages of his writing and in the legacy of his work.

We salute you, comrade Samah Idriss. Rest in power — your ideas and commitment march on towards victory.