19 December, Online Event: International commemoration of prison massacre in Turkey


The international online conference in commemoration of 28 political prisoners in Turkey who were brutally murdered in a prison operation during 19-22 December 2000, will be live streamed on Sunday, 19 December, 7:00 PM Central European Time (Germany)

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*Participants from Peru, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Ireland, France, UK, Germany, Philippines, USA, Palestine and Donbass…
18 speakers from the mentioned countries will reflect on the solidarity with political prisoners in different parts of the world.

*Eye witnesses will report about the hell they went through these days in different prisons and also about their resistance which went beyond their limits to push back the brutal attack and to protect their comrades, especially those in a death fast against the forced transfer to isolation prisons.

*Grup Yorum will contribute to the event with a message and songs

Share this event with others and watch our interesting live program which will be broadcasted in English and Turkish on the Youtube channel – Free Ali Osman Köse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pQGKSK79KDeMduwuNKW8A