Israeli representative confronted by protesters at the University of Amsterdam

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On the evening of 7 February 2022, Samidoun Netherlands took action to protest an Israeli diplomat at the Roeterseiland complex at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the Netherlands’ capital.

The association of international relations student organized an event on “Israel’s Foreign Policy,” inviting career Israeli diplomat Karin Eliyahu-Pery to speak. She currently is the head of media and public relations at the Israeli embassy in the Netherlands.

It is outrageous that an educational institution like the UvA offers a warm welcome and open platform to a representative of the Israeli apartheid state in order to promote its propaganda.

In addition, student associations and organizations have a responsibility to reject normalization of settler colonialism, racism and apartheid. There is no “constructive discussion” to be had with official representatives of the Israeli occupation while they continue to colonize Palestine. Instead, stand for justice: boycott Israel!

Samidoun NL made clear with flags, slogans and a strong presence of confrontation that such events will always be met with protest, rejection and response. This type of showcase for a representative of colonialism must not be repeated.

Boycott Israel!

Free Palestine from the river to the sea!