Albuquerque Land Day rally highlights anti-colonial struggle

Around 40 people gathered to commemorate the Palestinian Day of the Land in Albuquerque, Tiwa Territories. It was an open mic with many people coming up to speak and offering reflections and fierce words.

Samidoun Albuquerque (Samidoun ABQ) member and longtime anti-Zionist Jewish activist Benay Blend welcomed everyone and grounded the space with history around the importance of commemorating Land Day. The first speaker was a Native man who had just been driving by, he saw the flags and wanted to express his solidarity. He spoke about how Palestine is getting no media coverage and how we need to be active and continue to speak out for Palestine.

Onyesonwu with the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party reminded us about how zionism is our common enemy as the state of Israel has funded, trained, and armed racist and US backed states from Azania (South Africa) to El Salvador. Siihasin with the Giniw Collective spoke about the connections to defend Palestinian land and Indigenous land here specifically about how they have been involved in defeating pipelines and also how they had travelled to Palestine. Jerome with La Raza Unida reminded us that we indeed have a common enemy and that we also have common friends i.e. Palestine.

Kah, a Pueblx comrade from the newly formed K’owa Collective, gave the most rousing speech fiercely inviting everyone to be active. They specifically called upon people to study about Palestine and the ongoing struggle, to participate in ongoing boycotts and actions called for by Palestinian comrades, and to join organizations to build anti imperialist movement. Micheailin with Samidoun ABQ closed the day’s event by speaking about the work of Samidoun, the importance of supporting our comrades in prison, and thanking everyone for participating.

Samidoun Albuquerque was honored to participate and hold space with comrades who have been involved and continue to be involved in the Palestinian solidarity movement. We announced our intention to co-launch a Palestine Solidarity Committee to coordinate popular education, future events, and solidarity actions. We look forward to growing the movement, to the defeat of imperialism, and the liberation of Palestine within our lifetime.

To get involved with Samidoun Albuquerque, please reach  out to Samidoun ABQ on Facebook or Instagram.