Free Alex Saab, political prisoner of capitalism and imperialism

In a statement released on Monday, January 30, over 30 organizations that make up the Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Madrid raised their voices to demand the release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab and all the political prisoners of imperialism. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is a signatory of this statement. This translation is republished from Orinoco Tribune.

Here is the full unofficial translation of the statement:

The organizations of the Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution strongly condemn the double kidnapping suffered by the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, detained in Cape Verde and also illegally deported to the United States following instructions from the US government.

Alex Saab was in charge of international supplies for the CLAPs (Local Committees for Supply and Production), popular organizations created at the behest of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to minimize the ravages of shortages caused by the US blockade against Venezuelan people. The enormous and effective task that the kidnapped diplomat was carrying out was helping these committees to strengthen the distribution of basic products, reducing the effects of the criminal aggression against the Bolivarian Republic.

This placed the CLAPs themselves and the Venezuelan diplomat in the crosshairs of the imperialist strategists. They cannot stand the fact that the Venezuelan people are resisting the economic hardship produced by the unilateral sanctions and the blockade with unwavering integrity. That is why they decided to kidnap Alex Saab twice, first when his plane was making a layover in Cape Verde and then by means of an absolutely illegal deportation to the United States, against which almost the entire African international community pronounced itself.

Once in US territory, he was accused of false charges for which the United States also has no authority since they were allegedly committed in Venezuela, ignoring his status as a Venezuelan diplomat. It is, therefore, a true double kidnapping in colonial code by the Yankee rulers, who intend to submit the world to their orders and interests.

It is a palpable demonstration of the double standards of capitalist governments when it comes to human rights, as it is not the only case of kidnapping by these governments. Israel has arbitrarily imprisoned thousands of Palestinians, many of them minors. And in the United States, they are keeping three Palestinian activists in prison for daring to defend the rights of their people in the middle of US territory. Ghassan Elashi, Shukin Abu Bakr and Mufid Abdulqader have been in prison since 2004; without forgetting George Abdallah, imprisoned in France for over 38 years.

But there are more political prisoners of capitalist governments. A governor of the coalition headed by the right-wing Mauricio Macri arbitrarily imprisoned Milagro Sala, bringing false legal charges against her for organizing the popular classes in Jujuy and other Argentinian cities, where she had achieved important social gains for the people, which the oligarchy does not forgive.

The list is actually endless. Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal are sentenced to life in prison for crimes they did not commit in the United States. They are political prisoners that the system’s press never mentions. Another example of this is the Colombian Simón Trinidad. However, this allegedly free press attacks Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua every time their governments are forced to act and judge with irrefutable evidence of crimes and violence against the people. Just remember those killed by the guarimbas…

From the Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, we demand immediate freedom for Alex Saab and all the political prisoners of imperialism. It is not a crime to fight against exploitation, oppression and the illegal and illegitimate measures of the capitalist system.

All our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and their revolutionary government!

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

Long live the internationalist struggle of the oppressed peoples!

Hasta la victoria siempre!


Madrid, January 30, 2023

• Platform of Solidarity with Venezuela
• State Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba
• Sodepaz, Solidarity for Development and Peace
• Communist Initiative
• Association of Women Entrepreneurs Brazil-Spain
• Popular Committee of Luta de Madrid
• International Solidarity Communication Brigades, BRICS -PSUV
• Sovereign America
• Euskal HerriarenLagunak EHL-Madrid
• Portal ALBA
• Eyes for Peace
• Platform of Solidarity with the Peoples of the Mediterranean
• Izquierda Castilian
• La Yesca
• Communist Party of Spain, PCE
• Gatherings in Quarantine, anti-imperialist communication channel
• United Left of Spain
• Republican Left
• International Federation of Migrant Resistance in Spain, FIRMES
• Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, REDH Spain
• Human Rights against Hate Crimes
• Coordination of Communist Nuclei
• Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
• Alkarama, Movement of Palestinian Women
• Al-Yudur, Palestinian Youth
• Masar Badil, Palestinian Revolutionary Alternative Route Movement
• Internationalist Anti-Imperialist Front, FAI
• La Comuna Magazine
• Solidarity Platform with Nicaragua and the Sandinista Front
• July 26 Collective
• Unadikum Association