Basque political prisoners fast in solidarity with Palestine

A group of Basque political prisoners announced that they would fast on Friday, 27 October in solidarity with Palestine and against the genocide being carried out in Gaza by the Israeli occupation regime with the full support and complicity of imperialist powers. Since 7 October, the Zionist bombing campaign has taken the lives of over 6,000 Palestinians while destroying the homes of 1 million Palestinians.

We are republishing their statement below and extend our solidarity and salutes to these political prisoners struggling behind bars for collective liberation:

Palestinian women and men have been suffering violence caused by the Zionist occupation for decades; forced out of their homes and forced into exile, their cities and towns destroyed; imprisoned, tortured, raped, murdered…

We have evidence of this genocidal policy carried out by this terrorist Zionist state, the massacres and horrors in Gaza that the whole world has been able to see in these past days.

Because of all this, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and declaring the legitimacy of the right to defend oppressed peoples, we Basque political prisoners who sign this letter will carry out a day of fasting next Friday, 27 October 27.

Palestine advances!


Mattin Sarasola Iarzabal

Iñaki Krutxaga Elezkano

Fernando Elejalde Tapia

Mikel San Sebastian Gaztelumendi

Dani Pastor Alonso

Garikoitz Etxeberria Goikoetxea

Aitor Cotano Sinde

Beatriz Etxebarria Caballero

Beñat Aginagalde Ugartemendia

Lexuri Gallastegi Sodupe

Josu Ordoñez Fernandez

Xabier Garcia Gaztelu

Orkatz Gallastegi Sodupe

Fernando Garcia Jodra

Jon Kepa Preciado Izarra

Patxi Ruiz Romero

Dolores Lopez Resina

Liher Aretxabaleta Rodríguez

Irantzu Gallastegi Sodupe

Jesus Mari Etxeberria Garaikoetxea