Video: How to resist EU state led crackdown on Pro Palestinian Solidarity with Zaid Abdulnasser

On 12 December, CAGE organized an online conference on resisting European state repression of the Palestinian and Palestine solidarity movement.

Speakers included Zaid Abdulnasser, who was the coordinator of Samidoun Germany until our chapter in Germany was forcibly dissolved and banned by the German government as part of its widespread attack on Palestinian identity, organizing and existence; Fahad Ansari, human rights lawyer; Amanj Aziz of Insan in Sweden; Maria de Cartena, a legal and political adviser at Perspectives Musulmanes in France; Amani Hassani, a researcher at CEDA in Denmark, and Zoe Darling, a caseworker at CAGE.

Germany has become one of the major backers of the Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people, increasing its weapons exports to the Israeli regime tenfold in 2023 at the same time that it engages in widespread demonstration bans, smear campaigns and attempts to deport Palestinian refugees in Germany. The ban on Samidoun is part and parcel of Germany’s participation in the assault on Gaza.

Watch the full video, above and at the link: