From Yemen to Palestine: Stand with the people’s resistance!

We, the undersigned organizations, strongly condemn the aggression by the United States and Britain against Yemen, a resilient nation that has been enduring nearly a decade of relentless Western backed Saudi and Emirati aggression. This escalation is a shameful element of the Biden-led “Operation Prosperity Guardian”. The Netherlands is complicit in this callous targeting of the Yemeni people in their sovereign waters.

The Yemeni people have acted with courage and steadfastness on behalf of their Palestinian brothers and sisters. These actions against the Yemeni people mirror a broader, repulsive wave of repression by the West of genuine humanitarian endeavours worldwide.

We resolutely denounce Dutch involvement in these acts, which undermine Yemeni sovereignty and works to advance militarisation and destabilisation of the Red Sea and the region around it. The Dutch complicity coincides with the trial at the International Court of Justice against the (alleged) perpetrator of genocide, waged by South Africa. Ironically, the Court resides in the “Palace of Peace” in the “City of Peace,” The Hague, a city with a history of Dutch colonialism and imperialism. 

Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s statement, emphasizing the importance of free trade, further exacerbates these historical wounds. Referencing the Dutch East India Company and West India Company in his statement, responsible for centuries of atrocities, through this Rutte justifies current aggression in support of settler colonialism and genocide.

This glaring contradiction highlights how the Western-constructed “International order” contributes to global strife. Our collective efforts are to dismantle the Zionist, imperialist and capitalist systems that are the root cause of war, oppression and exploitation. Inspired by our liberated South African counterparts, who challenge Western-backed occupation, we must usher in an era where colonizers face consequences, and the colonized world breaks free from its chains.

We reiterate our support for all the people’s resistance confronting the imperialist enemy, and continue to struggle for an end to the Israeli genocide, the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, the right of return and the right to resistance.

We will march today in The Hague in support of Yemeni and South African efforts to end Western imperial violence, injustice and colonialism, in Palestine and the rest of the world. 


  • Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (intl.)
  • Samidoun Netherlands (NL) 
  • Revolutionaire Eenheid (NL) 
  • Workers for Palestine (NL) 

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