ATIK sends message of solidarity for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes our comrades of ATIK, the Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe. In the video below, a spokesperson for ATIK expresses their solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners. At the same time, we express our strongest solidarity with the Turkish and Kurdish political prisoners in Turkish jails struggling for justice and freedom, as well as the political prisoners jailed in Europe in collaboration with the Turkish state.

We also express our solidarity with Müslüm Elma, who previously spent many years in Turkey jailed for his political views, where he was subjected to torture and undertook several long-term hunger strikes. Despite the fact that he received asylum in Germany due to the persecution he endured from the Turkish state, today he is jailed in Germany solely due to the political allegations against him by Turkish security services. Freedom for Müslüm Elma and all political prisoners! Long live international solidarity!

Watch the video here:

Transcript of the message from ATIK:

“In the week of actions for the Palestinian prisoners and all the other political prisoners worldwide, we, as ATIK – Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe – want to salute all the imprisoned activists and all their comrades, who fight for their freedom.

Our comrades have also been imprisoned after the operation of the police in 2015. The trials are still processing in Münich and the German state is still keeping our comrade Müslüm Elma in the prison. This process has been started with cooperation of the fascist Turkish state, which has hundreds of thousands political prisoners. We know that the so-called democracy in Europe ends where revolutionaries start to criticize them and struggle against their powers. Their laws and humanright declarations are nothing but misleading nonsense, as we are following it in the case of comrade Georges Abdallah, who had to be released years ago.

The Palestinian prisoners are facing even worse conditions, as torture and harassment, which are daily happening in the Turkish prisons as well. The prisons of the system, which are built to eliminate the struggle against the oppressors, is our common problem. That’s why the fight against this inhumane pressure and cruelty can and should be commonized as well. The walls of the prisons will be destroyed from inside and outside! And gathering the strength from outside is our duty, which is even more crucial in these days, since the health of our comrades are in danger as well with the pandemia crisis.

Once again, we want to send our comradely salute to all the political prisoners and the determined activists of Samidoun! Freedom for all political prisoners!”