Global actions honour the life and struggle of Khader Adnan, demand justice and accountability

One week after Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan‘s life was taken behind bars after 86 days of hunger strike, after he was deliberately denied transfer to a civilian hospital, blocked from release on bail and returned to the infamous Ramle prison clinic only one day before, actions and events around the world to honour the martyred imprisoned resister have continued to multiply. Adnan’s 2023 hunger strike was his sixth; he won his freedom on four separate occasions through hunger strikes while jailed without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention.

Throughout his 86 days of hunger strike, his wife, Randa Musa, and nine children campaigned tirelessly for his freedom. While grassroots protests in Palestine and internationally raised voices for his liberation, international human rights organizations and institutions like the International Committee of the Red Cross remained largely silent on his strike, even as his situation became more severe.

In an article in Middle East Eye, fellow former hunger striker Monammed al-Qeeq paid tribute to Adnan:

“It is odd how a hunger strike, which literally eats the body from the inside, gives a prisoner unparalleled power: the power of rejection, and saying “no” in the face of jailers who view you as nothing more than a number.

I knew Adnan didn’t like death or suffering. He loved life, but he wanted a life that was free of injustice and humiliation – the type of life he lived when he was with his wife and children. He saw hunger striking as the most powerful weapon he had that would allow him to return to this life as soon as possible.”

Al-Qeeq also recalled Adnan’s history as a student activist — specifically highlighting an incident when Adnan was a mathematics student at Birzeit University in February 2000. Lionel Jospin, then the French prime minister, visited Birzeit only days after he condemned the Lebanese resistance to Zionist occupation of the south of Lebanon as “terrorist.” Khader Adnan was the first student to stand up and denounce Jospin, inspiring his fellow students to hurl shoes and rocks at Jospin, expelling him from the university.

Khader Adnan’s body is still being detained by the Israeli occupation alongside those of hundreds of Palestinian martyrs, including multiple prisoners who continue to be imprisoned in death. Etaf Alayan, a former Palestinian prisoner with her own distinguished history of hunger strikes (she conducted the longest individual hunger strike against administrative detention, in 1997, before Adnan’s 2011-12 strike), is currently on hunger strike outside the offices of the ICRC in El-Bireh to demand the return of Adnan’s body and that of his fellow Palestinian martyrs.

Adnan’s hunger strikes, especially in 2011-12, 2015, 2018 and 2021, played a major role in mobilizing international support and attention for Palestinian prisoners, including the growth and development of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

In Toulouse, France, the Collectif Palestine Vaincra honoured Khader Adnan, with Palestinian, Arab and internationalist activists planting a jasmine tree in a community garden, accompanied by portraits of Adnan as well as the flag and map of Palestine. Participants delivered a speech in Arabic underlining his commitment and sacrifice for his people and his land.

The image mirrored one of Adnan himself planting a tree in occupied Palestine in solidarity with Georges Abdallah, the Lebanese Arab Communist struggler for Palestine imprisoned in France for nearly 39 years. A photo of Abdallah adorned the tree, calling for his liberation. In Toulouse, the next action for Palestinian liberation, the prisoners’ movement and the resistance will take place on Saturday, 13 May at 3 pm, the Palestine Tour, which will begin from Jeanne d’Arc metro station.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Paris, France, Samidoun Paris Banlieue has created multiple visual displays throughout the city highlighting the case of Khader Adnan and continuing to call for the release of all 4,900 Palestinians locked behind occupation bars.

On Saturday, 13 May, CAPJPO-EuroPalestine is organizing a rally in Paris to commemorate 75 years of ongoing Nakba and support the Palestinian resistance. Samidoun Paris Banlieue is participating in and supporting this mobilization alongside dozens of organizations, and the march will salute Khader Adnan while calling for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.

In Berlin, Germany, Samidoun Deutschland has continued its efforts to highlight the struggle and sacrifice of Khader Adnan, even as it fights back against repression. Following the initial banners and posters hung in memory of Adnan, Samidoun Deutschland created a new large poster mural in his tribute. This has come hand in hand with the international campaign against anti-Palestinian repression in Germany, as well as the call to participate in the demonstration commemorating 75 years of ongoing Nakba on Sunday, 14 May at 2 pm, marching from Rathaus Neukolln to Hermannplatz.

It also highlighted the graffiti springing up around the city to honour Adnan and call for the liberation of Palestine.

In Cologne, Germany, Samidoun Deutschland posted a large poster mural in tribute to Adnan as well as a call to participate in the Nakba commemoration rally on Saturday, 13 May at 2 pm at Kalk Post in Köln.

In Düsseldorf, Samidoun activists hung posters in stores and on the streets of popular neighbourhoods, especially those with large Arab and Palestinian communities, saluting Adnan’s commitment to struggle and to Palestinian liberation.

In Madrid, Spain, Samidoun Spain organized a demonstration on 5 May in honour of Khader Adnan, together with Alkarama, Al-Yudur and the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement. Participants demanded the release of Israa Jaabis, Walid Daqqah, Ahmad Sa’adat and Georges Abdallah, as well as all Palestinian prisoners.

They called for broad participation in the Nakba 75 rally in Madrid, on Sunday, 14 May at 12 pm, marching from Atocha to Plaza de las Provincias.

Meanwhile in Barcelona, Catalonia, Samidoun Spain organized a poster campaign on the streets of Barcelona honouring Adnan. The poster campaign is leading up to a series of events comemorating al-Nakba in Barcelona, including several presentations about Georges Abdallah and a march on Saturday, 20 May at 6 pm.

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International activists from various movements have joined in the campaign to honour Khader Adnan and continue the struggle forward for the liberation of all Palestinian prisoners and the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

In Dublin, Ireland, Anti-Imperialist Action honoured both Khader Adnan and Bobby Sands, the martyr of the Irish Republican prisoners’ movement who died in British prison on 5 May 1981, at their protest against the coronation of British king Charles.

During his hunger strikes, Adnan both received and expressed solidarity with Irish prisoners and their ongoing struggle for freedom.

Also on 5 May, the Green Brigade, dedicated fans of the Scottish football club Celtic, known for their strong and consistent support for Palestine, displayed a large banner in honour of Adnan in Glasgow.

The Bobby Sands Trust also issued a statement mourning Adnan’s death, offering condolences to Adnan’s wife and family.

In Tehran, Iran, days after people gathered in Filistin Square to mourn Adnan, a large banner mural was hung honouring his commitment to the liberation of Palestine.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes all of these efforts and encourages all friends of Palestine and Palestinian communities to include Khader Adnan and all of the Palestinian prisoners struggling for liberation in the upcoming Nakba 75 commemorations in cities and communities around the world, as part and parcel of the campaign for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea. 

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